Conwomen Target Southampton

Police in Southampton are investigating after two cases of women having necklaces stolen in a deception while they are walking along the road.

In one case a 92-year-old woman had a gold necklace stolen which is thought to be worth around £6000.

The victim was on the corner of Shaftesbury Avenue and Highfield Lane when two women approached her one put a gold chain on her neck and removed the one she was wearing whilst distracting her. They then left on foot towards Richmond Gardens.
She quickly realised what had happened but though she shouted after them, and raised the alarm due to her age she wasn't able to catch up with them. A passer-by called the police.

The necklace is described as gold and each link is around 3/4 inch wide and individually hall marked. It has a gold bar and a pendant with pale lemon coloured stone on it.

The incident happened at around 12.40pm on Thursday, September 15 which is the same date that the other case happened at around 1.30pm in Thornhill Park Road.

Two women approached the 76-year-old victim and asked her where they could catch a bus to Sainsbury's. She gave them directions and they then put a necklace and bangle on her and distracted her when she asked them to remove them, stealing
her own necklace and bracelet as they did so. The women made off towards the Thornhill Park Road shops. It was then the victim noticed the items they had taken and police were called but the two conwoman had made off.

In both incidents the women are described as being of dark European or Asian appearance. In one case they were said to be wearing Sari type dresses and headscarfs and aged around 40. One was about 5ft 3inches tall and the other about 5ft
6 inches in height.

Officers are appealing for witnesses or anyone who thinks they know who they women may be. Anyone who may have information about either case is asked to call PC Sam Hatcher at Portswood Police Station on 101 or call Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555 111.

This is not the first time similar deceptions have happened in the city and officers are looking at if these two incidents are connected with any others that have taken place in Southampton or elsewhere.