Crisis Meeting To Save Portsmouth FC

A crisis meeting's being held in Portsmouth today (Thursday 26th January) to try to save Pompey from going under.

The club's got an unpaid tax bill of £1.6m and is still trying to find a new owner.

It's after the parents company of Pompey, CSI, went into administration at the end of the last year.

One idea being discussed today could be that the fans and some local businesses team up and buyout the club, but that's gonna cost millions.

The Pompey Supporters Club has set up a new scheme, getting the fans to rally round and support their club.

They says fans have always been Pompey's 12th man and it's time for Pompey fans all over the world to stand together and show our support for the club as it faces yet another crisis.

But this time, the Club needs more than just loyal support from the stands. It needs to look at a different model of ownership, with meaningful supporter involvement and dialogue, allowing those who care about the club the most - the fans - to help safeguard the club's future and play a real role in running and developing the football club.

They're asking fans to make their voice heard - and make it matter. 

If you believe that fans should have a significant role in Portsmouth Football Club, and ensure the football club represents the best of the city, then you're being asked to register and show your support then click on the link above.