Dog Rescued After 4 Days Down A Hole

A four-year-old cocker spaniel had to be rescued by firefighters after it became stuck down a hole for four days.

A member of the public alerted Hampshire Fire and Rescue Service after finding Ivy trapped deep inside an old fox hole in woods behind properties in Well Street, Burghclere.

With the RSPCA in attendance, the brigade's animal rescue specialist Buster Brown had to use a mirror and a torch to catch a glimpse of the spaniel.

He then called for back-up from the Urban Search and Rescue (USAR) team in order to use its flexible search camera and listening devices, which were recently used in the Japan and New Zealand earthquake rescues, to locate Ivy's exact location.

It took over 2 hours to dig her out

A Hampshire fire service spokesman said:

''Crews set to work to dig Ivy out but it was very important to be able to monitor her whilst the digging continued to ensure she was not injured by the tools.

''After about two hours the crews were able to expose Ivy's face.

''Watch manager Brown then gave her some water and slowly cut away at the soil to release her.

''Ivy had been trapped in the tight tunnel by her hips and her front legs were underneath her chest, making it impossible for her to claw her way forwards.

''Once out of the tunnel, she was handed to the RSPCA who took her to a local vet.

''She was kept in overnight on a drip, having been trapped for four days she was dehydrated and needed fluid replacement. She is now making a full recovery at home.''