Family Get Warning Over Cat Attack

A family's been warned to keep their cat under control - or they might not get post delivered any more!

It's after their pet scratched a postman's hand through the letterbox of their home in Portsmouth. They now have to meet the postman in person to get their mail so it doesn’t happen again.

36 year old Carl White, of Chichester Road received a warning letter from Royal Mail because of family pet Lana.

Mr White, his wife Carol, 26, and their two children are now taking extra measures to keep the cat and postman apart.

A Royal Mail spokesman said: “We can confirm an employee suffered an injury to a finger after being scratched by a cat while on deliveries.

“We have contacted the owner to make them aware of the matter and ensure we can continue to safely deliver to the address in future.

“Royal Mail takes very seriously the safety of its employees, particularly our frontline staff who deliver the mail.

“Unfortunately, animal attacks are a hazard faced by our employees.

“We record around 5,000 animal attacks a year on our postmen and women.

“Our main aim is to prevent attacks supported by an ongoing campaign to raise awareness of the issue among our customers.”