Funeral For Hampshire Rock Star

The funeral of Reg Presley - the frontman of British 60s rock band The Troggs - will take place in Hampshire today (Thursday).

Presley, 71, was the singer with the group who scored a global hit with Wild Thing in 1966.

The former bricklayer died in his home town of Andover on February 4, surrounded by his family.

He had announced his retirement from music a year ago after being diagnosed with lung cancer.

The Troggs had a number of other hit songs, including Love Is All Around, which was covered in the 90s to huge success by Wet Wet Wet after it featured in the British film Four Weddings and a Funeral.

Presley, who kept his distinctive Hampshire accent throughout his life, had announced his retirement after being taken ill during a concert in Germany. It is believed he had also suffered a number of strokes in recent years.

Later in life he pursued an interest in crop circles and UFOs and wrote books about the subjects.

The funeral is due to take place at Basingstoke Crematorium.