Girls Rescued From Waist-Deep Mud

Two girls who ventured out into a harbour to get their dog which was stuck in the mud had to be rescued by the coastguard, while the pet managed to free itself.

At 3pm on Sunday June the 17th, Solent Coastguard was alerted when the two girls got into trouble at Langstone Harbour, off Portsmouth.

The two girls were playing with their dog when they thought it had become stuck and went to rescue it, a Coastguard spokeswoman said.

They then got stuck up to their waist in mud, while the dog was able to get out by itself and make it back to dry land.

Coastguard teams, assisted by ambulance and police, were able to bring the girls to safety by 4.15pm.

Katharine Piggin, Solent Coastguard watch manager, said:

'The heavy recent rain and incoming tides can create areas of quicksand which quickly suck you in.

''If your dog becomes stuck in mud please don't try to free it yourself as you can become stuck yourself. If you do become stuck in mud you should try and spread your weight as much as possible and if you have a mobile phone dial 999 and ask for the Coastguard.

''Avoid moving and stay as calm as you can. You should also discourage others from attempting to rescue you because without the proper equipment they could become stuck too.''