Hampshire PCC: Ban Shops From Selling Legal Highs

11 February 2015, 06:59 | Updated: 11 February 2015, 07:09

There are calls for tougher rules to prevent shops selling legal highs - with one opening this month in Havant.

Simon Hayes, Police and Crime Commissioner for Hampshire, is calling for legislation to be introduced by the government to regulate and license so-called 'head shops'. 

The call from Mr Hayes comes following the announcement of a new shop opening in Havant. Operating under the trade name Gypsy Kings, the shop is due to open this month.
Mr Hayes has already been vocal in his opposition to these shops claiming they are misleading people by selling 'legal highs'.
He said:

"I have real concerns about this place opening and the potential risks it will pose, especially to young people, and because these shops don't need licensing I believe they are dangerous. 

"It is my view that the mind altering substances they sell are lethal, not legal, and Parliament should urgently look at doing more to address this and not shy away. There should be no leeway in the law when looking at anything that is mind altering.

"If these mind altering substances are not to be classified as illegal drugs, I am of the view that Government should without delay, introduce legislation that will provide powers to allow police, Trading Standards and local authorities to regulate them.  We have a moral obligation to protect the public, especially those who are more vulnerable.

"We should therefore not allow those who trade in these unregulated substances to put profit before the publics' health and wellbeing."