Exclusion Was A 'Mistake'

A headteacher admitted today that he made a mistake by excluding a 14-year-old boy from school because he believed he was actually 24.

Prince Summerfield, whose family moved to the UK from Malawi, was sent home from The Petersfield School (TPS) in Petersfield, Hampshire, after head Nigel Poole became uncertain about his age.

The teenager is 5ft 8in, weighs 10 stone and wears an extra large uniform.

But after his parents, David and Ennettie, produced evidence, including his Malawian birth certificate showing he was born on September 24, 1996, Mr Poole decided to invite him back to school.

A school spokeswoman said:

 "Following extensive checks with the relevant authorities, the Summerfield family have been able to prove with complete authenticity that Prince is 14 and should be at secondary school.

"Mr Poole has now contacted the family to admit his mistake and apologise for the upset caused.

"He has invited Prince back with immediate effect and promised to ensure his smooth re-integration."

Mr Poole said: "I am sorry for the upset this episode has caused.

"I am now satisfied that all necessary checks confirm Prince is actually 14 and am happy to welcome him back to TPS.''