Kittens Abandoned On Hampshire Dual Carriageway

The RSPCA is appealing for information after four kittens were abandoned on the dual carriageway near Basingstoke, causing a traffic accident in which two of the kittens were killed.

The kittens were dumped on 14th June in a cardboard box on the A33 southbound towards Winchester, 200 yards from the Stratton Park entrance and opposite the turning to Micheldever Station.

The box was then hit by a car, instantly killing one of the kittens. The vehicle then swerved and inadvertently ran over another of the kittens, killing the animal, before hitting the central barrier. The car behind could not stop in time to avoid the accident and also crashed into the central barrier.

Though neither driver was seriously injured, the woman driver who hit the box was understandably shocked and upset.

A passing police traffic officer who arrived at the scene resolved to take the two dead kittens and the box to Basingstoke and Deane Borough Council, whilst a female witness took the two surviving kittens to Cedar Vets in Alton, where they were later collected by the RSPCA.

The two 10-2 week-old female tabby kittens, though petrified, were not harmed and were in a good condition. It is not yet known how the kittens came to be abandoned on the dual carriageway.

In a separate incident four days later, a female black and white cat heavy with milk was found by a member of the public at Popham services on the A303, which runs adjacent to the A33. RSPCA Inspector Sara Jordan collected the cat and took it to a local vet, who confirmed that the animal had recently had kittens who were probably now weaned. The abandoned cat was also suffering from conjunctivitis, fleas and ticks.

It is not known if this cat is the mother of the abandoned kittens, and the RSPCA are appealing to the public to help find out who abandoned these animals and why.

Inspector Jan Edwards is investigating. She said:

“If the kittens were abandoned on purpose then that person’s action is beyond belief.

“They are responsible for the lost lives of two innocent kittens and could have potentially been responsible for a very serious traffic accident.”

Anyone with information is urged to contact the RSPCA cruelty and information line on 0300 1234 999 and leave a message for Inspector Edwards. Calls are treated in confidence.

The two kittens have now found a home but the adult cat is still looking for a loving new owner, along with many abandoned cats at the Basingstoke and Andover branch of the RSPCA . For more information, visit