Medical Students Caught In 'Sex Romp'

20 October 2011, 13:25 | Updated: 20 October 2011, 16:18

Two medical students have been caught performing sex acts on each other in a corridor at Southampton General Hospital.

The unidentified couple were found by a member of the clinical skills team outside an education block.

The incident prompted a senior academic to email students and tell them to find a more comfortable and private place to 'get intimate'.

The male and female were on a sofa in a corridor when they were spotted. CCTV from the area will be looked at to try to identify them.

Associate dean of medicine at the University of Southampton Dr Chris Stephens warned medical students to behave in the email.

"A couple of second-year students were getting a bit frisky on the sofas outside the lecture theatre at SGH last week. It caused offence to one of the female clinical skills team," it said.

"You need to remember you are in a hospital and need to act in a professional manner (including your language and behaviour). Most of the area is covered by CCTV cameras. If you want to have sex I am sure you could find a more comfortable place that is out of public view and off NHS property!''

Professor Iain Cameron, dean of the University of Southampton's Faculty of Medicine, said in a statement: "We take any allegations of student misconduct seriously and are currently investigating the allegations, as the couple were not identified.

"We expect our students to act in a professional manner and we remind them of their responsibility to abide by university rules regarding student behaviour.''

A university spokesman added that the incident took place in the academic block and was not in a clinical area where patients were treated.

He said authorities there were not 100% certain that the two people involved were medical students.

"They were seen in a publicly-accessible location where medical students were timetabled in and the person who reported the incident couldn't confirm their identities,'' he said.

A spokesman for the hospital said they were not aware of the incident and added that the area was away from the public.