More than 1500 Drivers Pulled Over In A Week

Hampshire Constabulary has released a video illustrating the impact of drink driving as part of its campaign Op Holly.

The campaign is into its third week with the theme this week being the consequences of drink and drug driving. 
The first of two videos produced by the force, released on Youtube today, is an interview with two roads policing officers about their experience dealing with a fatal collision in which a 22-year-old man was killed. The man was a passenger in a car driven by someone over the limit when it crashed into a building.
The second video, which will be released later this week, deals with the aftermath of a drink driving conviction. The convicted driver, who was breathalysed after crashing her car, speaks of how her crime led to the break-down of her relationship, the loss of her job and ultimately the loss of her home.
Roads Policing Unit PC, Mark Clarke, said:

 “While the public are aware that their driving licences are at risk through drink driving they may not fully understand the consequences of being stupid enough to get behind the wheel after having a drink.
“We hope that these videos show just how much of an impact drink driving can have – and stops a few people from making that life altering decision.
“Drink drive deaths are such avoidable tragedies. There can be no excuse for risking lives by getting behind the wheel after having a drink.  
“Such needless loss of life can never be excused and while people continue to put themselves and others at risk, we will continue to stop them.”
Over the last week [December 5 – 11] officers from Hampshire Constabulary’s Roads Policing Unit have stopped more than 1,500 vehicles as part of Operation Holly, with one driver clocking a staggering 173 micrograms [ug] of alcohol per 100 micrograms breath - almost five times over the legal limit of 35 micrograms per 100 micrograms breath.  
Hampshire Constabulary is asking members of the public across the two counties to text 80999 to report anyone they suspect of driving drink or being drug impaired behind the wheel.  
The information will be received anonymously, and senders simply need to text the precise location where the driver was last seen, direction of travel if possible, and as many vehicle details as possible – most importantly the number plate.
The number is a text-only service, and will not take phone calls but anyone witnessing a drink drive offence in progress can call 999.

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