New Cheetah Home Opens At Marwell

Marwell Wildlife opens new Cheetah home -Savannah Tracks.

It'll be the new home is for four year old male Turkus and four year old sisters Juba and Suki.

It's double the size of their last enclosure, with various resting spots including large boulders and shady areas to relax. It also mimics the conditions found in the cheetah’s natural habitat of the open savannah in Africa.

Visitors to the zoological park will be able to watch the cheetahs from a new wooden walkway, which meanders through Savannah Tracks, leading up to an undercover viewing platform.

Savannah Tracks was only possible due to Marwell’s generous supporters who donated to SPRINT, the conservation charity’s cheetah campaign (totalling £225,000). This funding also enables Marwell to continue its cheetah conservation work in Africa. Loss of natural habitat to persecution and illegal trapping are just a few of the many problems which threaten the continued survival of wild cheetahs. With less than 10,000 in the wild, the World Conservation Union (IUCN) lists the species as vulnerable.

In celebration of the opening of Savannah Tracks, lots of fun cheetah activities will be taking place during the Easter holidays, including interesting artefacts to explore, cheetah craft activities, feeds and talks to enjoy.

Marwell Wildlife - Savannah Tracks