Nurses In Red!

Senior nurses at the Queen Alexandra Hospital in Cosham are now wearing new red uniforms so they are easily identifiable to patients, visitors and colleagues.

Hospital bosses say the uniforms are a simple and effective way to help patients and their families identify who is the most senior nurse in charge of clinical and corporate services, and it'll help them direct comments and raise awareness of issues to the highest nursing level.

The red uniforms are worn by the Head of Nursing for each Clinical Service Centre (CSC) and corporate services within Portsmouth Hospitals NHS Trust, as well as the Deputy Chief Nurse and the Director of Nursing. It consists of either a dress or tunic and black trousers.

Julie Dawes, Director of Nursing, said:

"The new uniforms will help patients, staff and visitors alike to know who is a Head of Nursing without there being any confusion.

"The new uniform will help to instil further confidence in the nursing profession as it will ensure that people entering our hospital know immediately who the nurse in charge is."


Back row (l-r): Julie Sprack (Trauma, Orthopaedics, Rheumatology and Pain (Musculo-skeletal), Gill Haynes(Head and Neck), Miriam Rowswell (Cancer), Alison Fitzsimons (Emergency Medicine) and Sheila Humphrey (Renal and Transplantation).

Front row (l-r): Janice Cloud (Surgery), Lesley Coles (Women and Children), Julie Dawes (Director of Nursing), Debra Elliot (Midwifery Education), Sarah Balchin (Patient Experience) and Gill Gould (MOPRS).