Oil Clean Up A Success In Hampshire

21 June 2010, 18:20 | Updated: 23 June 2010, 19:18

Work started on the beach on Monday after the release of approximately 20 barrels of oil from a pipeline at Esso Fawley Refinery marine Terminal on Sunday.

Esso have worked with the Harbour Master; the Environment Agency; Natural England, Oil Spill response unit, Hampshire County Council and Fareham Borough Council to remove the oil from the beach and the water. 

The Environment Agency and Natural England are pleased that the shoreline phase of the clean up operation has been completed promptly and satisfactorily.

Executive Leader of Fareham Borough Council, Councillor Se├ín Woodward, said: "I am delighted that the beach is now open.  All agencies have worked extremely hard to mitigate the effects of the spill and get the beach back to normal as quickly as possible and people can now enjoy it again."

A small amount of sand and stones affected by oil has been removed from the surface of the beach, and taken away.  The aim will be to clean this material, so that it can be returned to the beach, to the spot from which it was taken. 

The shellfish beds located within this area have been closed as a precautionary measure whilst tests are carried out. The tests are to establish whether the shellfish pose any risks to health and once the results are received next week, a decision will be taken as to when they can be reopened.

Work to recover and disperse the oil from the water was completed yesterday, and the marine based response closed. 

Whilst the beach has been reopened, monitoring of the marine and shoreline environment will continue over the next few days, to make sure that no further traces of oil are found. 

 Any members of the community with concerns or who spot oil in other areas, please telephone either Fawley Refinery Community Affairs on 023 8089 2511, the Environment Agency Hotline on 0800 807060 or the Harbour Master on 02380 608208.