Patrols In Southampton Almost 200 Theft From Cars

Police in Southampton are warning drivers after almost 200 reports of thefts from vehicles in the last month alone.

Officers say many of those were after people didn't secure their car properly.

They've increased patrols.

Chief Inspector Beth Pirie said: "We do not believe that all of these reports are linked, but it sends a clear message to motorists across Southampton that you should always lock your vehicle, no matter how long it is unattended for, and don't leave any items on display.

"Not only are valuables being stolen, like electronics and wallets, we've also received reports whereby clothes, loose change and sunglasses have been stolen, just because they are visible.

"Our message is, don't leave your vehicle unattended at any time if it is unlocked. With the recent cold weather, some people may decide to start the ignition in advance of leaving on a cold morning. If you do this, then make sure you don't go back inside your home and provide an easy target for a thief.

"We're doing our best to address the issue, but in many cases theft can be prevented by observing simple crime prevention advice.

"We have been working to establish if patterns of vehicle tampering or theft have emerged. Where hotspots have been identified we've spoken to residents and increased patrols.