Police Think Malaria Man Might Be Abroad

Police think a nurse who disappeared after taking part in a medical trial for malaria may have travelled abroad.

Matthew Lloyd was reported missing on Thursday, October 7, when he missed an appointment for treatment in Oxford as part of a medical trial he was undergoing to find a cure for the disease.

He had been to his previous appointment on October 1, in London where he was infected.

Police say that he urgently needs medication for the condition.

Hampshire police have previously issued a CCTV image of the last confirmed sighting of Mr Lloyd in the King's Cross area of London at about 9.50am on Tuesday, October 5.

Detectives now believe Mr Lloyd, 35, from Shirley, Southampton, may have travelled abroad after their inquiries suggested he had in his possession his passport and £900 in cash.

Detective Inspector Becky Riggs said:

"Despite repeated appeals for information and extensive coverage highlighting his disappearance, Matthew has still not been found and we have had no confirmed sightings of him in the UK.

"The fact that there are no leads relating to his whereabouts suggests to me he may have got the treatment he needs for the malaria virus or has potentially gone abroad.

"This is just one possible explanation and we have no evidence to suggest where he might have gone.

"However, as a result of our enquiries we now know he is likely to have his passport on him and he is in possession of approximately £900.

"Prior to participating in the trials, Matthew was well briefed on malaria, signs, symptoms and treatment. Matthew is a qualified nurse and he would have known the dangers of malaria.

"I have confidence in his training and the brief he has received from his trial.

"If Matthew has decided to go abroad, he may not know his family are desperately worried and the police are trying to find him so I would urge anyone who has seen Matthew at an airport or ferry terminal or railway station on or after October 5, to please contact us with any information.

"We are also checking with ports and airports to try and establish his whereabouts and if he has travelled abroad.''