Police Warn Of Bike Theft Rise In Southampton

18 October 2016, 07:33 | Updated: 18 October 2016, 07:37

Police say they've seen a big increase in bike thefts across Southampton.

Between 12 September and 12 October, 54 cycle thefts were recorded.

Hampshire Police say 'last week illustrates the increase and highlights the city's hotspot areas.'

On Sunday 9 October, five bikes were stolen throughout the day from the High Street, Town Quay, Western Esplanade and Above Bar areas.

On Monday, a further five bikes were taken from City College, Oxford Street, Harbour Parade, Civic Centre Road and the High Street.

On Tuesday, another five cycles were reported as stolen, again from Above Bar and Town Quay areas, as well as Commercial Road and West Park Road.

On Wednesday, four reports were received after bikes were stolen from West Quay, East Park Terrace plus Harbour Parade and Western Esplanade.

Officers will be holding engagement events across the city in the coming weeks to promote bike security like D-Locks and Immobilise.com to deter thieves.

Officers will be out patrolling these areas in the city 'as much as possible to reduce the number of bikes being stolen'.

Police Sergeant Jeanette Maidment from Southampton Central Neighbourhood Team said: 

"Officers in Southampton are working on Operation D-Lock, a neighbourhood initiative that promotes bike security and focuses on enhancing our chances at capturing quality evidence, such as CCTV, and link reports where possible, to identify offenders.

"Officers are arranging a number of community events in the city that will promote the use of D-Locks to deter thieves rather than cable locks, which are often easily cut through.

"We are also urging cyclists to register their bikes on Immobilise.com where you can register your property to help reduce theft and improve your chances at getting your bike back.

"It can be incredibly upsetting, not to mention frustrating, when someone has their bike stolen. For many people, a bike is their main mode of transport and used as part of everyday life.

"We want Southampton's residents to feel they are able to ride their bike without the fear of being stolen.

"If you see anyone acting suspiciously around bike sheds or racks, please call 999.

"Furthermore, if you have any information on bike theft or have been offered a bike for sale recently in suspicious circumstances call 101."