Notorious Portsmouth Beggar Jailed

A notorious beggar has been convicted of breaching an injunction preventing him from begging or loitering on the streets of Portsmouth.

Roy Ransom, 39, of no fixed address was given a 56 day custodial prison sentence for breaching the terms of his injunction preventing him from begging or loitering in Portsea Island. 

Ransom is well known to the Police and the Anti-Social Behaviour Unit at Portsmouth City Council and numerous attempts have been made by both agencies to engage him in support and housing services.

One such service is the Anti-Social Behaviour Adult Intervention Project (AIP). The AIP is based on the national family intervention project and supports single adults whose behaviour causes a large amount of disruption in our local communities. 

The project aims to improve community safety and supports the single adult across a wide range of needs combining this with sanctions that give clear consistent consequences, where problematic, anti –social behaviour persists.

This initiative is the first of its kind and has been launched by Portsmouth City Council in association with the EC Roberts Centre who provide both the family and adult intervention service.

Roy Goulding, the Anti-Social Behaviour Unit manager for Portsmouth City Council, said

"Ransom is a well known persistent offender for begging on the streets of Portsmouth.

We have made numerous and extensive attempts to engage him in support services to reduce the likelihood of him re-offending and whilst he has engaged in some services these have not led to a change in his behaviour.

The sentence given today gives a clear message that begging and any form of anti-social behaviour will not be tolerated in Portsmouth.

Ransom will continue to be offered appropriate support services such as those provided by Central Point in addition to the extended injunction to prevent him re-offending"

Central Point Resource Centre

Central Point is a resource centre based in Portsmouth, catering for homeless people aged 18 to 64. It provides meals, showering facilities, laundry and a clothing store. Central Point is also where the Big Issue is distributed in Portsmouth.

A comprehensive needs assessment is completed with each individual and an ongoing action plan instigated. Central Point also provides a Rent Deposit scheme to assist people to find accommodation. We also do outreach sessions in and around Portsmouth, linking people in with services that can support them if they are sleeping rough on the streets.

Central Point has links with other services and provides information regarding housing, benefits, alcohol and substance services.

Central Point receives donations from various sources, anyone wishing to make donations should contact Central Point, 22-24 Kingston Road (opposite Ross Records) or phone 02392 298791.

If you're concerned about anti-social behaviour, let us know. Contact your local Safer Neighbourhoods team  on 101 or visit the Portsmouth pages of