Portsmouth Toddler 'Turns Blue In Water'

3 February 2016, 10:05

A Portsmouth mum's appealing for help to find out more about her son's rare disorder - which leaves him turning blue and causes a massive seizure if he touches water.

16-month-old Noah Yaxley was born with a chromosome deletion and weak immune system. Only about 200 children in the world have the same condition.

Mum-of-five Elisabeth tells Heart doctors are still researching the condition and how to treat it.
She said: "He can't go into bath water because his heart rate drops in half.
"Really I'd like some answers, if anyone else has the same thing. What medication were they put on?
"I see my other boys and they're all running around normally - it is hard, as a mum."
Elisabeth has to bath Noah in hospital - or clean him at home using a squeezed out sponge.