Portsmouth To Trial New Traffic Light System?

Portsmouth could be the first city in the UK to trial a new traffic lights system, whihc is already sue din aprts of Europe.

Under the plans being considered by the City Council, at quieter times (eg.overnight) some traffic lights would use flashing amber signals instead of red so drivers aren't held up when there are no other cars around.

Simon Moon, head of transport and street management, said:

"The Cabinet Member for Traffic and Transportation considered a report on the review of traffic signals in the city at their portfolio meeting on the 22 March. This review follows requests from residents of the city to improve the flow of traffic around Portsmouth.

"The report is wide-ranging in its review, and one aspect of this is the use of flashing ambers at traffic lights. As far as we know, the flashing-amber system has never been considered in this country, but is used in Europe.

"The Department for Transport would need to authorise any trial, so we will be approaching them with a proposal to carry out a trial or join any that may be planned.

"An important issue would be the safety of pedestrians.  An integral part of any trial would be ensuring they have the same level of protection."