Puppy Saved From Death

A three-month-old puppy, who was found abandoned with shocking injuries after his neck was torn open by a piece of string is recovering in Southampton.

Basil, the tiny mongrel, was found cowering under a bush and whimpering in pain by a woman walking her dogs near RAF Brize Norton in Oxfordshire on Easter Sunday (Apr 24th).

On closer inspection, she discovered a shoe lace had been knotted tightly around his neck, causing a deep 2cm gash, which was badly infected.

She brought the sick puppy into The Blue Cross adoption centre in nearby Burford where staff immediately took him to the vet for an emergency check up.

Jenny Woolliams, Blue Cross animal welfare supervisor, said:

"When Basil arrived it was clear he needed urgent medical attention.

"His injury was horrific and must have been caused over quite a long period of time, causing it to become badly infected.

"We believe the lace had been tied in a bow round his neck when he was tiny and, as he grew, it cut deeper and deeper into his flesh.

"We cut off the string and took him to the vet, who treated his wounds and gave him pain killers because it was obviously causing him a lot of distress.

"Luckily, after a few days of medication, TLC and rest, his condition improved.

"It's shocking to think that someone could have left a helpless little puppy all alone to get in this state. 

"Thankfully, Basil is a friendly and playful little chap who does not seem to have been emotionally scarred by his appalling treatment so he will hopefully soon find the loving new family he deserves."

Basil, was given the name by staff who thought the tan-coloured mongrel looked like a little fox, is now four months old and has been transferred to The Blue Cross adoption centre in Southampton where he is looking for a new home.

The charity referred the case to the RSPCA who are appealing for anyone with information about Basil's treatment to contact them.

A total of 298 stray and abandoned animals were taken in by The Blue Cross in Southampton in the past year, with 1476 across the charity. 

This is an increase of 19% on the same period the previous year.

Jenny added:

"We know times are hard but we would urge people never to dump animals, leaving them to fend for themselves.

"If Basil had not been found when he was he probably would not have survived.

"If anyone feels they can no longer cope with their pets, they should always contact us or another animal charity and ask for advice."

The Blue Cross is one of the UK's leading animal charities and relies entirely on public donations. It takes in and rehomes thousands of horses, dogs, cats, rabbits, and other small animals every year.

For more information on adopting Basil or any other animal from The Blue Cross or to make a donation, contact 0300 790 9903 or visit www.bluecross.org.uk.