RAF Pilot Honoured For Bravery

An RAF helicopter pilot from Hampshire is among 136 servicemen and women who've been honoured for their bravery.

Squadron Leader Matthew Roberts is a Chinook pilot and has been awarded the Distinguished Flying Cross for his calm courage in picking up two seriously injured American troops while under heavy enemy fire.

He made the decision to land to collect the casualties from Sangin even though his aircraft's left gun had failed, leaving it unprotected on that side.

His citation said he demonstrated "the very highest levels of courage" in rescuing the wounded troops as the helicopter sustained hits from insurgent fire.

Sqn Ldr Roberts, 35, originally from North Yorkshire but now living in  Hampshire, said it was "utterly humbling" to receive the honour.

He added: "The heroics to my mind are done by the soldiers who get wounded and who we are picking up."