Rescue Centre Swamped With Unwanted Pets

The Cat and Rabbit Rescue Centre near Chichester says it's struggling with an unprecedented number of people looking to hand in their unwanted pets.

Monique Turk, Founder of the Rescue Centre at Sidlesham says:

"We have never known it so bad, last week, on one single day, I was asked to take in 30 animals. 

"I have never known it this bad in the 25 years since we opened the Rescue".

"We can only take in animals where we have room for them and the simple fact is that we are being asked to take in 10 times more than we have homes for. 

"It has even got to the stage where we have rabbits that have been resident here for 2 years and kittens that are now six months old. 

"We are struggling to cope and getting to the point where we are having to turn animals away. 

"The difficult economic climate is also not helping matters with people struggling to pay for the upkeep and care of their pets plus with an increasingly number of people renting homes, landlords are sometimes reluctant to allow animals into rented accommodation.

"Our biggest problem is that rabbits are being purchased from pet shops and breeders on a whim and then the children get bored of cleaning them out so the parents give them up to us for adoption. 

"When it comes to cats, our biggest challenge is people's reluctance to neuter then which leads to unwanted litters."

The centre's asking people to think think of them if they want to get a cat, kitten or rabbit.

Monique says:

"If we get more people to consider rescuing from us or encourage their friends and family to do so, then we can free up more spaces for unwanted animals. 

"We have rabbits, cats and kittens of all shapes, size and age.

"Every Sunday between 2.00pm and 3.30pm we run a rabbit and guinea pig open day.  If you're interested in a cat or kitten, you must ring The Centre first on 01243 641409".

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