Serious Attack In Southampton

Police are asking for help to identify two youths who were involved in a serious assault in Sholing in the early hours of Sunday, August 5.

The attack left a 21-year-old Southampton man with a jaw broken in two places, a broken tooth and nerve damage to his lower lip, which is paralysed. 

Between midnight and 1am Sunday, August 5, the victim was walking home in Deacon Road, Sholing. When he reached the junction with Whites Road, Bitterne, he noticed two youths. 

The taller of these youths seemed to be trying to calm the shorter youth. The shorter of the pair then asked the victim what he was looking at. 

When the victim said there was no problem, the shorter youth hit him hard on the right side of the face. He followed this with four or five more punches to both sides of the face. 

The attacker is described as 18-20 years old, 5ft 5ins to 5ft 8ins tall, skinny and pale with a blemished face. 

He wore a black snap-back baseball cap with a grey logo and peak, a dark tee shirt and dark cotton tracksuit joggers. 

His companion was 19 -21 years old, 6 ft to 6ft 2ins tall, well-tanned and of a fuller build. 

He had a small downward triangle of light brown or fair facial hair on his chin and dark hair, but to a grade two or three.

This youth wore a grey long-sleeved pullover with a darker grey Nike tick and very baggy light grey cotton jogging bottoms. 

It is not believed that the taller youth hit the victim. The victim wore a stone-coloured v-neck tee shirt, chino trousers and black shoes. 

At the time of the assault, a car drove past the scene, but did not stop.

The victim managed to run 500-600 metres to Veracity Park, losing the attacker and his friend. 

He went to Southampton General Hospital later on Sunday morning, where he had two metal plates inserted into his jaw. 

Police want to hear from the driver of the car which passed the scene or any passengers. 

They also want to hear from anyone who recognises the description of the offender and his taller companion. 

Anyone with information is asked to contact Sergeant Stuart Baker at Bitterne CID on 101 or the anonymous Crimestoppers charity line. Minicom users can ring 01962 875000.