Super-Slimmer Loses 5 Stones For Wedding

When 22-year old Kate Haynes, from Portsmouth, started university she threw herself into the student scene.

Parties, pizzas and pints of cider took their toll on her figure and Kate saw her weight shoot up to 16st 10lb and her dress size to a size 18.

Kate Haynes

But, with a marriage proposal and her wedding day in mind, Kate, who is 5’ 11” and now weighs 11st 10lb, succeeded in shedding an enormous 5 stone in just one year to walk down the aisle in a beautiful size 10 wedding dress.

When she was living at home there was always healthy food available but, being left to her own devices whilst she was at university, led to Kate living on fast food and chocolate with cheap alcohol thrown in.

Whilst Kate was thrilled when her boyfriend proposed, she was also aware that she needed to take control of her eating in order to turn her life around before the wedding day.

So she joined a Rosemary Conley fitness club in Waterlooville, where her mum went.  Kate lost 4½lb in the first week and her first stone in just one month.

By the time she reached her goal weight of 11st 9lb, Kate was able to fit easily into a size 10, in time to wear her dream dress on her wedding day, and she's kept the weight off for a year. 

Kate is currently training to be a teacher, something she says she would not have had the confidence to do before. 

“There was no way I would have stood up in front of a class of 25 children before.  I would have been too self-conscious.”