Toddler Attacked By Hawk In Hampshire

A toddler is recovering after being attacked by a pet hawk in a play area in Hampshire.

Two-year-old Alfie Hall was left with scratches and blood all over his face and a ripped ear following the attack on an estate in Farnborough last week.

The Harris hawk, named Bonnie, narrowly missed his eye. Alfie’s 23-year-old mother, Elysia, said doctors had to glue the ear back together.

She's been reported as saying:

"There was blood everywhere. The bird ripped several chunks out of his head, including a big gash right next to his eye which needed stitches.

"The doctors told us he was lucky not to lose his sight.

"Alfie was totally shocked, his eye was swollen and I could see his ear was badly injured too.

"We called an ambulance and they whisked Alfie off to the hospital, where he was given anaesthetic and kept in overnight."

The hawk's 18-year-old owner was arrested for assault but was later released. He told police the bird didn't do it on purpose and said she must have mistaken the boys head for a landing post.

Harrier Hawks are nicknamed the wolves of the sky, eating rats, rabbits and birds.

An RSPCA spokesman said there was no law governing where pet birds of prey can be flown but added:

"Any wild animal kept as a pet is a challenge and owners have a responsibility to ensure they can provide for their needs.

"Hawks are wild animals and not domesticated. They have a very specific diet of raw meat and need to be given lots of space."