Totton Dialysis Unit £50,000 Make-Over

12 March 2014, 10:28 | Updated: 12 March 2014, 10:29

A UNIT which provides dialysis treatment to patients with kidney failure living in and around Southampton is currently undergoing a £50,000 makeover.

The Totton Dialysis Unit, run by Portsmouth Hospitals NHS Trust’s Wessex Renal and Transplant Service, closed its doors for four weeks at the weekend to enable refurbishment works to commence. 

The unit, which offers dialysis treatment to 45 patients living in the area, is due to reopen at the beginning of April. 

Sheila Humphrey, head of nursing for renal and transplantation, said:

 “We are refurbishing the unit to improve the overall working environment and the patient environment to ultimately improve patient experience. We have involved our patients and the local Totton charity in all the discussions around what we’re doing. Some of the work being carried out is absolutely essential, and then we have asked the patients about other things to include which will make the unit better for them.” 

The £50,000 refurbishment, which is being paid for by the Trust, will see essential repairs undertaken and structural work carried out, as well as decoration.

“At the end of the improvement works we hope the unit will have a great feel-good factor, being brighter and modern, which will ultimately improve the experience for our patients,” said Sheila. 

“The clinical room is also going to have an overhaul and we will be installing some new pieces of equipment. On top of this we are also going to be looking at trying to improve the IT connection at the unit to enable us to provide internet access to our patients through the laptops we already have. 

“Our patients use the centre three times a week for about half a day at a time – it’s a big part of their week so it’s nice that we’ve been able to gather their thoughts and involve them in this process. These works will allow us to provide them with a new and much-improved unit. We want to thank our patients who’ve been incredibly accommodating throughout this process, our staff who have made it happen, and our commercial partners who have helped accommodate our patients during the refurbishment.” 

The majority of patients who routinely use the Totton Dialysis centre are receiving dialysis treatment in Basingstoke, with a small number travelling to Millford, whilst the refurbishment takes place. The Wessex Renal and Transplant Service provides a comprehensive renal service to an adult population of over two million, covering Hampshire, the Isle of Wight and the adjacent parts of Wiltshire and West Sussex.