Tough New Year's Eve For Police

Heart's found out 11 Hampshire police officers were assaulted on in a single night this New Year's Eve.

The attacks happened in town centres across the county and included biting, being hit with a broken bottle, and spat at.

One officer needed stitches after an attack in Winchester, while a female officer is still off work after being headbutted in Gosport.

Three PCSOs were also assaulted.

John Apter is chairman of Hampshire Police Federation, he wants to see tougher punishments for those responsible:

''I think the courts can help us by setting examples and imposing sentences which will act as a deterrent''

''The sad thing is that there's almost an acceptance now from society that police officers are going to be assaulted. Over that 24 hour period when most people were out celebrating the new year there is a minority who want to ruin it for everyone else and ultimately they will assault police officers - and some of these assaults were quite serious. Most of them were alcohol related.''