Traffic Wardens To Wear Cameras

9 June 2011, 13:06

Traffic wardens in Portsmouth are going to start wearing cameras on their uniforms, to try and stop assaults by angry drivers.

In the past year there’s been 15 assaults reported by officers. One incident involved a warden who was issuing a ticket because a car was parked in a dangerous place outside a school. While he was issuing a ticket the driver drove off, clipping him with the car and injuring him. If the incident had been recorded it would have been more likely to end up in court.

The small and lightweight cameras will be clearly visible, displaying the words "video recording". When the camera is switched on the wardens will warn people they are recording the situation.

David Cook, parking enforcement manager said: "Our staff have the right to do their job without the fear of being abused. We're not just talking about verbal abuse, staff have received real injuries from aggressive drivers.

"We hope by reminding people their actions are being recorded will help diffuse situations. If they do behave aggressively then they could receive far worse than a parking fine.

"People have the right to appeal parking tickets, and we have a fair process in which that happens, but intimidating staff won't be tolerated.

"It is important that the officers are able to manage parking restrictions and keep the roads clear from illegally parked vehicles without fear of being harmed doing their duties."