102-year old from Devon 'lucky to be alive'

25 October 2018, 17:00 | Updated: 25 October 2018, 17:05

A 102-year old man is lucky to be alive after spending three nights on the roof of his home in Devon.

Ron Easton from Bigbury-on-Sea was found by a friend who could see that he was concious but not moving. 

He'd been alerted by a neighbour after noticing three unopened milk bottled outside the house along with old newspapers. 

Ron was found lying face down on a garden rake with a bucket of tools next to him in a gulley between his house and garage. 

An eight foot ladder was also found nearby - It's thought he'd fallen off the ladder while tryig to do some house repairs. 

Paramedics managed to brign him down, with help from the fire service, before he was transported by air ambulance to Plymouth's Derriford hospital. 

That's where Mr Easton remains in a stable condition. 

The attached audio file is an edited version of the 999 call made by a member of the public to the SWASFT Control Room. 

It was handled by Emergency Medical Dispatcher, Susan Williams.