Baltic Wharf development details

It will create the town's largest public open space this side of the river.

The developer has made provision for a 'worst case scenario', should government funding for affordable housing become a victim of public spending cuts. Even without government support the site will still contain 21% affordable housing.

South Hams District Council received twice the number of letters in support of the scheme as objections.

LISTEN HERE: Steve Mittler from TQ9 partnership

Baltic Wharf illustration


A questionaire sent to 4,500 households in the town also drew a 2:1 ratio in favour.

  • Space for 350 jobs
    Up to 190 new homes with between 30% and 50% affordable
    £3 million pound investment into a new boatyard and marine centre
    A major new 12-acre green space for Totnes residents
    75-unit retirement community providing supported living




LISTEN HERE: Stever Mittler from TQ9 partnership

Key differences between the apporved scheme and that rejected last year.

  • 30% less traffic generated overall - 50% at peak times
    60-70 fewer homes
    built in an area 20% smaller overall
    building density reduced from 85 to 60 dwellings per hectare
    building heights reduced
    retirement community reduced by 25 percent to about 75 units.

Picture of the boat yard that will be redeveloped