How to drug proof your kids

Shocking government statistics show that in Devon the number of 11-15 year olds drinking, smoking and taking drugs is increasing.

If you have a teenage girl or boy then in the last week 51% have drunk alcohol, 29% have smoked and within the last month 22% have taken drugs ranging from pills to cannabis and even Class A.

When children are at home it's easier to keep them safe, but when they get older and need independence that's when it gets tougher for parents.

LISTEN HERE: Susan Fish runs the course in South Devon

Care for the family course asks for simple questions and deals with the topics in a fun and informative way:

  1. How bad is it?
  2. Why children take drugs (alcohol and smoking are considered as drugs)?
  3. How to educate children to make good choices?
  4. How can we help prevent them?

They show parents how positive parenting can result in children growing up able to make the right decision even when peer pressure is strong.

LISTEN HERE: Susan Fish tells us about some of the successes

If you can delay your child smoking you will delay them taking anything else.

The course in Kingsbridge starts on Wednesday 2nd March, it lasts for six weeks and runs for 2 hours 7-9pm.

You can book ringing: 01548 852 641 Ext 155 or 01548 852 770

Due to half term - please be ready to leave a message and Susan Fish will get back to you, but don't worry if its not until Feb 28th.

There is a £15:00 course fee. 

To find out if courses are run in your area click on the following links: