Children Give Lessons On Online Safety

Children in Wales say their mums and dads need to be more clued to help them stay safe online.

New figures released on Safer Internet Day show half of children in Wales don’t tell anyone if they’ve seen something they find uncomfortable – with more than one in five saying it’s because they’re worried about getting into trouble.

Pupils at St Teilo’s Church in Wales High School in Cardiff have been giving their parents lessons on websites and apps and what they’re used for.

Oliver is 13:

“At the moment I think parents don’t know enough about social media and the sites that their children are going on

“It’s important that they learn about social networks and whether they’re safe to use”

Children at the school say it’s scary how easy it is for people to access their information.

Malkia is 12 and says she’s had a frightening experience on social media:

“I was on a site and this person started to talking to me and I didn’t know who it is

“I kept asking who is this and I got quite upset”

Parents are being told they need to be more approachable and open to talking to children about what they get up to online.

If you need help with how certain websites or apps work, you can have a look at this guide: