Football Fans Want Standing At Stadiums

A new survey has found thousands of football fans want to see safe standing at club grounds.

The Welsh Conservatives say 96% of nearly 2,500 back the idea of designated areas, with 84% claiming it would make relationships between supporters and stewards better.

Wales Tory Leader Andrew RT Davies says stadiums need to be brought into the 21st century:

“People expect that atmosphere  when they go to a game now, they’re paying good money to go to the football.

“If you do get the safe standing legislation in place I believe you can secure the fanbase within clubs and that ultimately is what we want to do”.

The Welsh Conservatives say they want clubs in Wales to trial safe standing before it’s rolled out to the rest of the country and it’s being backed by the Supporter’s Trusts of of Swansea, Cardiff, Newport County and Wrexham.

Huw Cooze is from Swansea Supporter’s Trust and says the move would be a big boost to the Liberty Stadium:

“We want to get this stadium as passionate as we can to help the team.

“If anything helps, we’ll look at it”.

Although Cardiff City fans have already got a standing area, Tim Hartley from the club’s Supporter’s Trust says it’s a no brainer:

“You’ll get more people into the ground because you can stand more people than you can sit them down.

“The atmosphere is much better”.

All-seater grounds were introduced after the Hillsborough disaster in 1989.