Man jailed for abusing two girls in South Wales

3 February 2017, 13:15 | Updated: 3 February 2017, 13:17

Ian Walters

A man's been jailed for eleven sex offences he carried out against two children when he was living in South Wales.

Ian Walters was arrested in 2016 after the two victims reported the abuse almost two decades after it happened in the 1990s.

He lived in the Adamsdown and Llanrumney areas of Cardiff when he committed the offences against two teenage girls.

The 57-year-old now lives in Barking and was found guilty at Newport Crown Court of 11 offences against children, including rape.

Detective Constable Rebecca Fox, who led the investigation, said: "This was a very complex investigation due to the time that had passed, but one which has ended in justice for the two victims.

"He preyed on two young girls who were vulnerable and he had banked his freedom on them never having the courage to come forward after he told them nobody would ever believe them all those years ago.

"But they did, and I have nothing but praise and respect for the bravery that these two victims - now grown women - have shown.

"I hope this verdict provides them with some closure knowing that he hasn't got away with what were disgusting crimes.

"I also hope it encourages others to come forward and to realise it is never too late for somebody to pay the price for what they did even if it was many years ago."