Newport UKIP Candidate Stands Down

3 February 2015, 12:36

The UKIP candidate for Newport East has stood down with just three months until the election after backing homophobic posts on a BNP website

Donald Grewer was investigated after complaints he appeared to support comments on a BNP website describing gay people as paedophiles.

He responded to a post about gay marriage endangering children saying, "Well said... sadly this will all come to fruition in the very near future. We need to resist and stand our ground."

This is his resignation letter to the party,

"I am sad to have to be writing this letter, but I have come to the conclusion that, following the revelation of some comments that I posted on the Internet a while ago that I have to reconsider my position as the PPC for Newport East."

"I recognise fully that those comments, and the implications of those comments puts me in breach of the party rules. I had forgotten that I had posted them, but I had."

"As such I am tendering my resignation as PPC forthwith. I am truly sorry that my foolishness has caused you, the party and me embarrassment. I wish you, the party and what we all stand for all the best in the elections. It is time for a change in British and Welsh politics and I am sure with commitment and hard work that change will come."