Sex Education: How Young Is Too Young?

Heart’s been looking into whether sex education should be taught in all primary schools in Wales.

It’s after a group of MPs in England are calling for lessons to be compulsory, because they claim it could help avoid problems like teenage pregnancy.

There are mixed views from parents here though, with some saying children in primary school are too young to be taught about safe sex.

Kath Smith is a Primary School teacher in Cardiff and says sometimes the subject is unavoidable:

“It’s on films, it’s on television, it’s in songs on the radio.

“Children are curious, they will speculate.

“If they've got sex education at least they’re getting the facts”.

At the moment, learning about safe sex isn’t compulsory in Wales until secondary school.

Welsh Secretary Stephen Crabb is a father-of-two and says parents also have a part to play in educating their children:

“It’s not an easy issue, it’s not comfortable.

“The sexualisation of children is something that is happening through the internet and technology and it’s really important that parents and schools do what they can.”

If proposals are approved in England, schools in Wales won’t be affected.

However the Welsh Government tells Heart a review into subjects  like Personal and Social Education here is due out next month.