South Wales Police defend officers in disabled space

3 October 2018, 18:58 | Updated: 3 October 2018, 19:09

Police in disabled space in Merthyr

South Wales Police have defended officers who've been criticised for parking in a disabled space in Merthyr.

One facebook user shared a photo of the car in a disabled bay outside McDonalds saying people in "high-vis uniform are not above the law".

But the force has since responded explaining officers had been dealing with a vulnerable woman on a bridge over the Heads of the Valleys.

They've explained the woman was cold and they took her to McDonalds for a hot drink to warm up.

A statement released by the force said: "Our officers had earlier attended a call relating to a vulnerable woman who was on a bridge on the Heads of the Valleys Road, and stayed with the woman in question.

"The woman had been in cold conditions for a long time, and so en route to the hospital she requested a hot drink to warm up and officers took her to McDonald’s.

"Staff inside the restaurant asked what the matter was, and served the officer straight away. 

"The officer paid for a hot drink for the woman out of the officer's own money. 

"The officer did not buy anything for herself or the other officer and the woman was then taken to hospital.

"While officers are reminded not to park in disabled bays, we hope this explanation will help you understand the position they were in on this particular day."

Some users on social media have since praised the officers, with one saying "so sad you have to explain something like this".