Welsh Athlete Won't Give In To Cancer

Welsh Commonwealth athlete Jamie MacDonald says he won't give up - after being told he may only have three years left to live.

The 24-year-old has been diagnosed with terminal brain cancer and started radiotherapy and chemotherapy treatments this week.

Jamie says he noticed something was wrong when he suddenly had pins and needles down the left side of his body:

“It travelled from the top to the bottom, then I lost the strength in my left hand.

“I was taken to hospital and passed every test they gave me until they sent me for a brain scan.

“That’s when they found I had a tumour”.

Jamie said he was in complete shock and it’s changed his life forever.

Just last summer he competed in Judo for Wales at the Commonwealth Games in Glasgow.

He’s had to move home with his parents in Maesteg and leave his life in Exeter.

But the 24-year-old says he’s not letting his tumour dictate how he’ll live his life:

“The strange thing is i feel normal, like I could carry on.

“To be honest I’m not planning on sticking to this three to five years.

“Those statistics are based on your average cancer patient who’s probably 50 to 75.

“Really it’s just about trying to battle through that.”

You can keep up with Jamie’s journey through his treatments at www.thelastthingiexpected.com