Two legged cat needs a home after train accident

23 April 2019, 13:15 | Updated: 23 April 2019, 13:17

Two legged cat

Volunteers at Gwent Cats Protection are trying to find a home for a cat that's been left with only two legs after a train accident.

Two-year-old Hope lost two of her legs and part of her tail in the accident when she was a kitten.

But she's still able to run and play, despite missing two of her legs, as she stands on her remaining back legs.

Cats Protection volunteer Glynis Davies said she is a 'little darling: "Hope is an incredible cat who needs someone who can devote quite a lot of her.

"She is very human orientated and likes human company and lots of fuss.

"She happily chirrups away at you all the time. All in all, she’s a little darling."

The Gwent Cats Protection are looking for someone willing to adopt her.