EXCLUSIVE Devon and Cornwall police officers given tourniquets

19 September 2018, 06:00

Devon and Cornwall police have exclusively told Heart, all their frontline officers and PCSO's are being issued with tourniquets.

Last year more than 700 Devon and Cornwall police officers were assaulted while on duty. 

Many of them were only minor injuries, but there were some serious injuries, including significant bleeding. 

Now Heart's been told that frontline officers and PCSO's with Devon and Cornwall police are being issued with tourniquets, which can be self-applied in the event of a serious injury. 

They can also be used on members of the public suffering serious arterial bleeds following incidents like road traffic collisions or stabbings.

Superintendent Ian Drummond-Smith tells us, a tourniquet was used on someone who'd been stabbed in Truro, and medics credited it's use with saving the persons life. 

"We're often first on the scene to traumatic incidents, and by giving them a tourniquet we believe we can help stop that bleed really quickly, and save lives".

Officers are being given updated first aid training to learn how to self apply the tourniquets, or use them on someone else.