Lack of Domestic Abuse Services

17 May 2016, 12:44 | Updated: 17 May 2016, 12:46

Victims of domestic abuse in Cornwall and Devon could soon have nowhere to go.

Heart could only find 6 domestic abuse services to be active across the region, with many closing in recent years as a result of funding cuts. 

Little funding matched with high demand has led to long waiting lists for many centres. 

SAFE, Stop Abuse for Everyone, has been working in Exeter for the past 40 years helping victims of domestic abuse rebuild their lives. 

140 women are currenty waiting on SAFE's waiting list, as staff struggle to meet demand. 

Domestic abuse can be both physical and psychological in nature, meaning the scars aren't always visible. 

Sue Hobbs, a volunteer, said "domestic abuse Is often related to violence, but it is not always violent".

"People may have heard about the new changes in the law about coercive control, and that's where perpetrators can control people by withholding their finances, isolating them, controlling where they go, monitoring their phones - all acting to disempower people".

Sarah Richards, volunteer coordinator, highlighting the wide range of people the centre helps, said "Domestic abuse knows no bounds. We have people from every cultural background, every class, and both genders".

 To find out more about SAFE's work and what services they offer, visit their website here