New Funding for Child Victims of Sexual Abuse

24 May 2016, 14:47 | Updated: 24 May 2016, 14:48

More money is available to help victims of child sexual abuse and exploitation in Devon and Cornwall.

Police and Crime Commissioner Alison Hernandez is inviting bids from local organisations for a share of £140,000 funding provided to her by the Ministry of Justice. 

Alison Hernandez wants to ensure that every child who suffers sexual abuse is given the right support by well trained professionals when they need it and for as long as they need it. 

She says "Although there is a great deal of excellent work going on, this will allow specialist service providers to offer more targeted support for victims.

"It will reduce growing waiting lists and extend the reach of existing services. Any child from any background can be affected, and there are many who would not normally be regarded as vulnerable.

Waiting times for therapeutic support are growing and, according to new research from the NSPCC, one in five children referred to local specialist NHS mental health services are rejected for treatment. 

Not all children who have been abused will have a diagnosable mental health problem but many will still need considerable support to help them deal with their trauma. 

Ms Hernandez says "I am committed to increasing the available support through this grant funding scheme. I urge local providers to apply directly to me for this new money for innovative new projects or to expand on the success of current work which is making such a difference for local young people."

She's visited CLEAR in Truro, who support children who've experienced abusive relationships.

Donna is one of the trustees, and CLEAR has supported her and her children since experiencing abuse. She says " We'd probably be broken now, completely broken without CLEAR -  they're so vital for children who've suffered abuse.

"It was a traumatic time for all of us and CLEAR helped us through it".


Due to new rules on public sector commissioning, applicants will need to register with the Bluelight Emergency Services eTendering Site to access the details of this fund. 

Applicants with questions should contact: Lyn Gooding Criminal Justice, Commissioning and Partnership Officer Office of the Police & Crime Commissioner Email: