Police and Fire dogs deserve "Pawsome" retirement

10 August 2018, 09:25

Pawsome Pensions wants to help pay vets bills for Devon, Cornwall and Dorset's police and fire dogs.

Police and fire dogs are invaluable to our emergency services. They carry out jobs and searches that would take hours for humans to do, and in some cases, do things that we just cant - like sniff out drugs and the cause of fires.

Pawsome pensions has been set up to help them when they can no longer go to work.

At the age of around 8 or 9, the dogs tend to retire- unless they've been forced to retire early due to illness or injury.

Only a couple of pet insurance companies will insure dogs who've served in our emergency services, and it can be very expensive for the owner - sometimes in excess of £65 a month.

This insurance will also not cover any pre-existing injuries/illnesses that may have been sustained through the dogs working life. 

This means that vets bills can be very expensive.

Although our Police and Crime commissioner in Devon and Cornwall does give a one off payment to the dogs on their retirement, this money doesn't go very far.

Sometimes their handler cannot keep the dog after retirement, so they have to be found civilian homes. 

Pawsome pensions needs to raise £5,000 to become a registered charity, then they can help pay the vets bills of our retired emergency services dogs.

They've set up a Just Giving page to reach their target.

At the moment they've got 28 of our four legged friends on their books, and they've already made their first payment out to one of our retired police dogs.

You can follow them on Twitter and Facebook to find out what the dogs are getting up to, and how to raise money for them.