Air Festival Gets Go Ahead

22 September 2011, 06:27 | Updated: 22 September 2011, 17:40

It has been confirmed that the Lowestoft Seafront Air Festival will be happening again in 2012, but the date will have to be changed so it doesn't clash with the London Olympics.

The festival is normally held in August, but will now be taking place on Saturday 23 and Sunday 24 June.

The organisers had once again been concerned that they would not be able to afford to hold the festival in 2012, but have said they were not 'crying wolf' about having to think about cancelling it, and the festival was genuinely the closest they've ever come to it being cancelled or postponed.

Air Festival Managing Director Paul Bayfield said:

"The problem is that we were really facing the unknown - with the month and days of the week on which the Airshow is planned to be held in 2012 having to be changed due to the impact of the London Olympics.

 The event has never been staged in Lowestoft on a weekend or in June - so the likely response by the public and indeed traders and sponsors to that change is uncertain. But we hope to attract a new audience, who may be able to come to the event for the first time, as it will be at a weekend.'

The festival relies on sponsorship and the proceeds of the bucket collection, and the 2011 event started from a weak position financially after poor weather during the 2010 festival meant takings on the collection were down.

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