Ip-Art Festival

25 June 2011, 06:00 | Updated: 4 July 2011, 13:33

Last night saw the start of another big arts festival in Suffolk and Norfolk.

The annual Ip-Art Festival officially got underway last night with a 'Music of the Spheres' concert, which saw musicians floating in giant plastic spheres in the Ipswich Marina.

Ip-Art, which lasts two weeks, has a wide range of activities available - from a performance by singer Katherine Jenkins to local dance acts, theatre, photography and art exhibitions.

Events also include Heart's Club Classics Summer Party on the 9th of July and Heart's open air screenings of Dirty Dancing (Friday 8 July) and Toy Story 3 (Saturday 9 July) - both in Christchurch Park.

The end of the festival on 10th July will be marked by an outdoor Peter Andre concert.

Bryony Rudkin is from Ipswich Borough Council: "Times are hard and people don't have so much disposable income - we know that - which is why there are a lot of free events and events that don't cost so much, but I think there is a lot of energy and people are wanting to make sure this is a success. It's going to be huge. There are some really great events. I think there's something for everybody, but there are some really popular events that I hope people will be able to join in."

To read the full line-up and get more information about the festival, including ticket details, go to http://www.ip-art.com