Big Freeze - Feedback Wanted

5 February 2010, 06:09 | Updated: 5 February 2010, 06:20

The Big Freeze has thawed, but the severe weather last month impacted on everyone in the county and Suffolk County Council wants to make sure we capture all the sterling work that was carried out to keep the county going in the severe weather conditions.

Councillor Jeremy Pembroke, Leader of Suffolk County Council said, “Here in Suffolk we’ve seen some really good examples of communities pulling together and working with local public services to make sure everyone in the county was kept safe, warm and fed.  I want to make sure we maintain this excellent network of support so we can be well prepared in the future”.

The county council is staging “The Big Freeze” workshop today at Endeavour House from 11am-1pm to share all the experiences of the past few weeks.

Cllr Pembroke added, “By developing the good contacts and learning from the problems, we can be better prepared to deal with the impact of extreme weather in the future. I hope we can harness as much support as possible for this. The past few weeks have shown us that by working together we can achieve tremendous things and we need to make sure we keep up this momentum so we can meet any challenge that we face.”

Invites have been sent out to local communities; organisations with a responsibility for responding to the bad weather; public agencies providing essential services and councillors from across the county, districts and boroughs, and towns and parishes.  The invite is also extended to anyone in the community who wants to share what worked well so we can do even more to support our communities in the future.

Heart has spoken to Jeremy Pembroke. He told us the Council won't be investing in more gritting lorries to cope with another big freeze in the future. Unfortunately more cold weather is predicted in Suffolk next week.