Bungay: Singer/Songwriter's Film Deal

26 February 2012, 09:56 | Updated: 26 February 2012, 10:12

A young singer/songwriter from Bungay in Suffolk has been telling Heart about what it was like to get a movie deal.

27-year-old Lotte Mullan was born in Ellingham in Norfolk but grew up in Bungay before moving to London to pursue a career in music.
Whilst she was doing gigs and setting up her own record label, she started blogging about her experiences in the industry and the people she met along the way.

She was then approached by literary agents and a screen writer who said they could make a film about what she had been writing about.
Lotte eventually got signed up to Elton John's proudction company, Rocket Films. 

She told Heart: "I can't get my head around it fully. I feel, why would somebody want to make a film about me? I think it's more to do with the sort of characters I've been around and they're quite extreme people and I think that they'll come across well in the film."

The film's working title is 'Plain Jane' which is also the name of Lotte's album, released through her own label 'Raindog Records.' She's also providing the soundtrack to the movie. 

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