Carr guilty of speeding

Award winning comedian Jimmy Carr's been found guilty of speeding in Suffolk in 2008.

It happened on the A1071 at Boxford in April 2008 after a stand-up show at Ipswich's Regent Theatre.

The 37-year-old was caught by a mobile speed camera driving his Bentley GT at 50mph in a 40mph zone.

The comedian (pictured here after his first court appearance in the county) was represented by notorious lawyer Nick Freeman. He's known as Mr Loophole due to his success in representing celebrity clients like David Beckham and getting them off speeding charges. 

Carr who didn't appear at West Suffolk Magistrates Court for the hearing had denied the charge, even though a traffic order had been signed and returned to the central ticket office. Carr has been given 3 points on his driving licence and fined £300.

Prosecuting lawyer for the Crown Prosecution Service, David Hutson said: "We take motoring offences very seriously and driving over the legal speeding limit, means the driver poses a danger to other road users.

"We are pleased with today's verdict, and hope it acts as a deterrent to other speeding motorists. It also shows our commitment to prosecuting these cases rigorously through the criminal justice system."