Counterfeit Goods Crackdown In Suffolk

3 March 2010, 06:06 | Updated: 3 March 2010, 06:16

The teams that stop dangerous products making it onto Suffolk's streets are getting extra funding.

Trading Standards here is getting £85,000 from the Government so it can continue checking containers that arrive at The Port of Felixstowe for imports that don't meet safety standards.

Consumer Minister Kevin Brennan made the announcement yesterday as he visited the UK's busiest container port. He said:

"The work of Trading Standards teams, like the one here at Felixstowe, is vital to make sure that the products in our shops are safe. Around 40% of the goods imported and exported in the UK come through Felixstowe and the extra funding that we've made available for these teams reflects the national importance of the work that they do."